Sonntag, 16. August 2015

Back in my old life

Hello, People!
I’m not sure if all of you realized yet, but I’m back in good old Germany!
I’m still getting messages with people asking: “Oh, you’re back? How are you? What you’re gonna do?”
Well, I just were on summer holidays for six weeks (the regular time for German middle and high schools) and now I am really excited looking forward to a likely hard grade eleven.
Concerning my hockey career: Oh my god, I haven’t realized how much I improved in Canada! I am impressed and thankful for all the things my coaches taught me, even though I still have lots to learn. I will work on getting better here probably in a second German league women’s team and stick to the boys of my old team. I even chose sport as one of my final exam courses (as well as English :D)!. It’s not going to be easy, but with a little help of my teachers, coaches, family and friends, I’m sure I can handle everything coming up.
All the best to everyone and lots of luck to all the people, who have to go to school soon. At any problems or questions, write me an Email :)

PS: I notice really often, that I took over of many Canadian habits. Even my German changed and sometimes I randomly use English words :D

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