Samstag, 9. Mai 2015

Sightseeing-Weekend in Montreal

Welcome back from the holidays, my friends!
Even though I got back a while ago, I wanted to show you a little more of the beautiful old city of Montreal.
I hope, you enjoy my little tour!

First, we will go to the old port of Montreal, one of the biggest havens in Canada in the past. Today, there are more tourists than ships and it is a beautiful recreation opportunity for the people of Montreal. Have a little pause of the fast city living on the piers with views on the Saint Lawrence River. Is it not a majestic feeling to be on the same height of the sea gulls and feel the wind in your hair? There is still some ice floating on the water, but it is sunny and comfortably warm. The port is very close to Montreal’s old city, where we will go next.

Here you can find anything your heart wants; there are plenty of art galleries, cafes, and souvenir and wine shops. You can spend quite a lot of time here, looking and strolling (schlendern) around.

On Easter Sunday, we go to the “Place des Armes” with the famous basilica de Notre Dame de Montréal. 
It is similar to Notre Dame in France from the outside, however, in the inside, it has unique architecture I have never seen anywhere else. It is one of the most visited churches in North America and you have to pay five dollars to get in. As you can see on the name, (Notre Dame= our lady) the church is dedicated (gewidmet) to the holy Virgin Mary. That is the cause why the church is dominated by the color blue (blue is the color of Mary). There is a little, modern chapel behind the church. Whoever wants more information, write me an Email or write in the comments! To finish this day off, we will try a Canadian specialty, the “maple taffy”.  It is basically heated maple syrup, which is put on ice or snow. You then take a stick and roll the hardened syrup on it so you can take it and eat it on the way. It is very sweet and I guarantee you, you d not want to eat anything sweet afterwards.

So, that was our little tour of Montréal. I saw and tried a lot of things and had an awesome time. In the next few days, I will also report of my day in Québec city.
As you can see, I tried something new today; leave me a little evaluation, if I should write in German or in English in the comments and also in the questionnaire (Umfrage) above. I would love to hear, what you think! See you soon!

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