Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015

Five days!

Sadly, we did not win the game on Thursday. However, we had lots of fun! 
On Friday, we had prom of the graduates this year. Everyone was dressed up really nicely and had a big party (not in our school though).

This weekend, most people used to study, since this week (today was the first day) are the final exams, that make up 30 percent of our final grade! For some, it will be the chance to push their grade up a little, for many, it will be a battle not to fail (you fail if you have a final grade under 50 %). 
Our exams take about three hours each and everyone has a unique plan for their four exams. Today at eight o’clock, I had my first exam in science. I think I did pretty well.
Tomorrow, it will be history and today I’ve been studying for seven (!) hours. Wish me luck!

PS:I already started packing a little. Our room will be so empty and sad :/

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